this site is an utter disgrace and disappointment to society

essentially i am replacing all of the HTML here; for example this is that one href code i basically replaced with a link to my

like this is literally crazy dude like whaaaa

nah i be adding some of my own fucking code man

i may be awful at coding but i at least know some of the bare minumum dude

🤡🤡🤡 hee hee haw haw im so funny i cant tell if people laugh with me or at me hee hee haw haw 🤡🤡🤡

and here be that fuckin list code bro

heres my scratch man erigukpekrojig

this specifc code by dogtier on TH

me: clowns.
me: oh my god clowns are freaking awesome.
me: its such a huge obsession its concenring.
me: also this is my favourite colour! ayyyyy